Vision, Strategy & Values

Fairfield’s vision is to be a leading North Sea decommissioning operator, utilising the knowledge and expertise of our capable team of professionals to lead us through the successful decommissioning of the Greater Dunlin Area.

In order to achieve our vision, we are focused on the successful and responsible decommissioning of the Dunlin field and the Osprey and Merlin subsea satellite fields, and the associated infrastructure. This is being undertaken in collaboration with the Dunlin joint venture partner, MCX, as well as the key UK regulatory bodies and decommissioning specialists. Our proven experience as an independent late-life, mature field operator is being effectively and successfully applied to this large and complex, multi-phase project. Working closely with stakeholders, we are applying operator-led knowledge to take a safety-focused, technically sound and cost-effective approach to the decommissioning project.

Throughout the business lifecycle, our activities are underpinned by our stated belief is that in order to be successful we must be relevant in the industry, an organisation that people want to work for, and that other organisations wish to partner with in business. We will ensure that our business activities continue to be undertaken to the highest ethical standards and in full compliance with our Company Values.

  • Integrity


    We are open and honest and this truth drives our business methods

  • Efficiency


    We are proud to be nimble, delivery-focused and not over-engineered

  • Credibility


    We understand our business and offer a proven track record of performance

  • Collaboration


    We believe that good working relationships make successful business

  • Challenge


    We challenge existing business options and seek new alternatives