Commitment to Stakeholder Engagement

Fairfield seek an open, collaborative and transparent interaction with stakeholders throughout the development and execution of the Decommissioning Programmes for the Dunlin, Osprey and Merlin oil fields.

As the various Decommissioning Programmes have been developed and submitted to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), we have striven to meaningfully incorporate the views of our stakeholders.

To this end, we have been and remain committed to:

  • Make every effort to engage with all relevant stakeholders
  • Treat all stakeholders equally and with respect
  • Undertake our engagement in full compliance with our business ethics
  • Work with stakeholders to understand their issues and concerns
  • Consider stakeholder issues as we mature our technical studies
  • Provide feedback to stakeholders on their issues and concerns
  • Consider stakeholder views in our decision making process
  • Seek feedback from our stakeholders on our engagement activities