Dunlin Alpha Documentation

A substantial number of studies and reports have contributed to the examination of options for decommissioning the Dunlin Alpha topsides and substructures and the proposed way forward.

Dunlin Alpha Documentation 2018

The three principal documents submitted for consultation in 2018 are available below

Dunlin Alpha Documentation 2018 Supporting Documents

These were supported by a Stakeholder Engagement Report describing engagement activity over the course of the decommissioning planning journey since 2010. This is a live document and will next be updated and published online before the OSPAR review of the derogation application. Further key supporting documentation associated with the 2018 submission appears below:

Additional documents and updates will be added in due course.

Dunlin Alpha Documentation 2018 Independent Review Group

The report by the Independent Review Group on the Draft Decommissioning Programme is also available:

Comparative Assessment Supporting Documents

The Comparative Assessment Report on decommissioning options references various studies, reports, academic papers and external information as described in the report, listed below. Where not available through links on this page, access can be arranged by emailing Stakeholder.Mailbox@fairfield-energy.com.