Stakeholder Engagement

The decommissioning of the Greater Dunlin Area has been a consideration since the initial acquisition of the facilities in 2008. Since that time, we have been engaged in technical examination and stakeholder engagement regarding areas that may present significant technical challenges to the eventual decommissioning of the facilities.

One such area of challenge is the final disposition of the Dunlin Alpha Concrete Gravity Base Structure (CGBS). To better understand stakeholder perspectives on this issue, a specific programme of stakeholder engagement was initiated in January 2010.  This programme involved a series of stakeholder workshops, the formation of a Cell Contents Expert Discussion Group (CCEDG), consultation with various OSPAR contracting parties, and a series of one to one meetings with certain stakeholders.  

Details of this programme can be found in the Stakeholder Engagement Summary Report 2012. This engagement drove a significant technical study over a two year period, culminating in a Comparative Assessment of the available options for decommissioning of the Dunlin CGBS and the development of a draft Dunlin Alpha Decommissioning Programme 2012.  

Following the announcement of Cessation of Production in mid-2015, we have renewed our stakeholder engagement efforts. Since that time, a number of external stakeholders have been re-engaged in order to gain their perspective on the options for decommissioning of the various facilities within the Greater Dunlin Area. This programme of engagement will continue to grow as we mature our technical studies and prepare for formal consultation on our proposals.