Pipeline PL5 Consultation Details

Statutory and Public Consultation: 5 April - 8 May 2019

A consultation draft Decommissioning Programme has been prepared to support decommissioning of the 34 km Dunlin Alpha to Cormorant Alpha pipeline and its associated infrastructure.

The proposal is for the surface laid ends of the pipeline to be cut and removed for recycling, leaving the remaining pipeline largely trenched below the seabed.  To protect against potential snagging hazards, rock will be applied to cover the cut locations of the exposed pipeline ends and any identified areas of spanning. Partially-buried concrete mattresses will be removed, together with the anode skids and pipeline connection spools. Buried grout bags and mattresses that continue to provide pipeline stability and protect against movement and spans will remain in place and rock cover applied where needed to prevent snagging hazards.  Any oilfield debris adjacent to the pipeline will be recovered and a seabed clearance survey conducted.  The survey results will be used as the basis for developing a monitoring regime for the decommissioned pipeline with the regulator and its consultees.

Key Documents

See also Link to Fairfield’s Key Event and Information Library for additional information.

Comments on the proposals are welcome from all those with an interest in the PL5 pipeline.  Further documentation referred to within the consultation documents where not already online can also be made available for inspection by arrangement.

The consultation closes on 8 May 2019.  Comments, queries and requests for further information should be sent by email to: stakeholder.mailbox@fairfield-energy.com or by post to:

Peter Lee
Regulatory Affairs & Stakeholder Engagement Manager
Fairfield Energy Limited
19 Abercrombie Court, Prospect Road
Arnhall Business Park, Westhill
AB32 6FE

What Happens Next?

After collation of consultation responses and further discussions with the regulator and its advisors, the PL5 Pipeline Decommissioning Programme and supporting documents will be updated and refined as needed.  Additional discussion with stakeholders may be required depending on the comments submitted.

The final Decommissioning Programme will incorporate details of comments from statutory and public consultees, indicating how these have been addressed.  Following approval from the Secretary of State, the programme will be made available online in its new form and stakeholders notified.