The Supply Chain

The supply chain is set to benefit substantially from the award of contracts associated with the safe and efficient decommissioning of the Greater Dunlin Area and its associated infrastructure over the lifespan of the project.

We do not underestimate the role that the supply chain will play in solving some of the complex challenges associated with elements of the decommissioning project. There are vast technical challenges associated with decommissioning from leg cutting and separation to topsides removal that will require supply chain support. We will be encouraging and driving the supply chain in terms of supporting innovation in these key areas.

In pursuit of this objective, we presented at the Oil & Gas UK’s Share Fair Spotlight – Decommissioning in September 2016 on technical themes that will require new solutions and approaches. Thereafter, we not only shared information regarding our current decommissioning project but also laid the foundations for the future direction of the Company via our presentation made at the Decom North Sea and Oil & Gas UK 2016 Offshore Decommissioning Conference in St Andrews in November 2016.  This event brought decommissioning focused organisations and supply chain companies with decommissioning capabilities together in a showcase of their services and products

In the planning, preparation and execution of the decommissioning of the Greater Dunlin Area, we will ensure that all contracts are raised and administered in a consistent manner that is compliant with our normal contracting procedures, including that these:

  • Adhere to our ethical and safety standards;
  • Meet the requirements of legislation and any other relevant external regulatory organisations;
  • Are processed and awarded with tight and proper controls which will meet stakeholder requirements; and
  • Are focused on the maximisation of safe, efficient and cost effective decommissioning service delivery.

We will engage with the supply chain to identify effective technological solutions that are environmentally acceptable and safe. Close contract management will be critical to the success of the project. Clear and detailed scopes of work will be critical to the tendering process.

To date, significant contract awards have included the Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) for the subsea well P&A programme commencing in spring 2017. We have a significant Contract Award Schedule that links to key milestones in the project and ensures that the necessary services are secured in a timely manner.

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