Access to Fairfield Energy's Oil and Gas Infrastructure

The infrastructure code of practice is a voluntary arrangement developed by Oil & Gas UK in consultation with DECC. Under the arrangement, operators have agreed to publish high level capacity, technical and commercial data about the pipelines and facilities that they operate on the UK Continental Shelf in order to facilitate the utilisation of such infrastructure, by prospective third party users, for the development of remaining UKCS reserves

Dunlin Area COP / Decommissioning

Production permanently ceased from the Dunlin Area on 15 June 2015 and formal Cessation of Production (“COP”) approval was received from the Oil & Gas Authority (“OGA”) on 15 January 2016.

Decommissioning activities have commenced and are ongoing in the Dunlin Area.

Fairfield as Dunlin Area Operator has an existing contractual obligation to provide an export route via the Dunlin Alpha until 3Q 2017. Thereafter, the Dunlin Alpha and all other Dunlin Area infrastructure will be decommissioned.

Dunlin Area Infrastructure

The Dunlin Alpha is a fixed concrete gravity based installation, which lies within the East Shetland Basin of the Northern North Sea, serving as a manned production facility for the Dunlin and Dunlin South West fields. The installation stands in 151 metres of water, 506km North-North-east of Aberdeen in block 211/23a of the UK sector of the continental shelf (195km North East of Lerwick).

The Osprey subsea field is located 7km north-north-west of Dunlin in blocks 211/23a and 211/18a in a water depth of 159m and consists of 8 production wells and 4 water injection wells. Oil is produced via a subsea production manifold (PLBM), and transported through two 8″ production lines contained within a 38″ bundle carrier pipe to Dunlin Alpha. The Merlin subsea field is located 7km north-west of Dunlin Alpha in block 211/23a-b in a water depth of 150m. There are three production wells in a daisy-chain arrangement linked by a trenched and rock-dumped production pipeline to the Osprey production flowline risers, via a crossover manifold situated 400m from Dunlin Alpha.

Oil from Thistle is transmitted to Sullom Voe (Shetland Islands) through the Brent System via Cormorant Alpha. Production from the CNR owned Murchison platform ceased on 18th March 2014.

The following pipelines are connected to the Dunlin Alpha:

  • 16-inch oil import from Murchison – decommissioned in accordance with the CNR Murchison Decommissioning Programme.
  • 16-inch oil import from Thistle Alpha;
  • 24-inch oil export via Cormorant Alpha into the Brent system;
  • Two x 8-inch oil production from Osprey – flushed clean and valve isolated in advance of planned final decommissioning operations.;
  • 10-inch water injection to Osprey – valve isolated in advance of planned final decommissioning operations. ;
  • 8-inch water injection to Merlin (via Y-piece connecting spool from Osprey WI line) valve isolated in advance of planned final decommissioning operations.
  • 8-inch oil production from Merlin to Merlin crossover manifold – flushed clean and valve isolated in advance of planned final decommissioning operations.
  • 4-inch fuel gas import pipeline from Thistle Alpha – depressurised and valve isolated, in advance of planned final decommissioning operations.

Export capacity in Brent system has to be applied for via the Brent system operator (TAQA). Capacity information for Brent system is available on the TAQA website.

Third Party Access Agreements

There are currently no third party agreements in place regarding access to Dunlin Area assets or infrastructure (date reference: post-2004, when ICoP came into effect).

Entry / Exit Specifications

Entry and exit specifications for access to Dunlin Area infrastructure will need to be determined on a case by case basis. However, reference should be made to the relevant equivalent specifications for access to Brent Systems and Sullom Voe Terminal infrastructure, in the first instance.

Contact Details

Any interested parties should contact:

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Fairfield Energy Limited, 19 Abercrombie Court, Prospect Road,
Arnhall Business Park, Westhill, Aberdeen, AB32 6FE.

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