• Operations


    Fairfield has built a portfolio of assets, with interests in a total of 24 blocks across the UK Continental Shelf.

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  • Dunlin


    Fairfield acquired 70% of Dunlin in 2008 and it is now operated in conjunction with duty holder Amec.

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  • Crawford


    Fairfield holds 25% interest in the Crawford Oilfield, located in the Central North Sea. It holds almost 200 million barrels of Oil in Place.

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  • Staffa


    The Staffa Oilfield is located in the NNS. Fairfield was awarded 100% interest in block 3/8d in the 25th Licensing Round in 2009.

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  • Darwin


    The Darwin field is located in the Northern North Sea approximately 130km northeast of the Shetland Islands.

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  • Darwin

    Clipper South

    Fairfield acquired a 100% interest in the Clipper South Discovery Area in 2008, assigning 50% to RWE DEA UK SNS Ltd in July 2009.

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  • Decommissioning


    Fairfield ensures as much is recovered from its fields before inevitable decommissioning. It then consults rigorously in accordance to relevant legislation.

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Fairfield has built a portfolio of assets, with interests in a total of 30 blocks across the UK Continental Shelf, through acquisitions and licensing rounds.

The Group maintains high equity interests in the majority of its assets which facilitates its preference for operational control. It is currently producing from four oil fields in the Northern North Sea and operates another three oil development assets also in the Northern North Sea and in the northern part of the Central North Sea.

In addition, the Group also holds a non-operating position in the Clipper South gas field in the Southern North Sea. Many of the production and development assets have further associated appraisal and exploration opportunities. 

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Image Map

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Before decommissioning its fields, Fairfield will consult pro-actively with a wide range of stakeholders.
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