Health & Safety

Fairfield is committed to maintaining the highest standards of health and safety compliance and performance as it approaches the unique challenges associated with this new era of decommissioning activity.

Our Health & Safety Policy Statement outlines our robust approach to health and safety, with the management of health and safety risk an important part of corporate governance.

In addition to the direct accountability that Executive Management has to the Board of Directors on these matters, the Board has also appointed a health, safety and environmental committee of Non-Executive Directors to monitor and report independently to the Board.

We promote the following safety engagement behaviours to shape a participative and collaborative safety culture. In this way, all personnel have a role to play in ensuring effective engagement in the creation of an environment where suggestions and actions to improve HS&E are actively encouraged and implemented.

  • Visibility


    Everyone is an ambassador for safety and leads by example

  • Communication


    Everyone actively and honestly exchanges safety-related information in a collaborative environment

  • Involvement


    Everyone is included and engaged in safety through regular conversations, active consultation and meaningful feedback

  • Support


    Everyone is united and supported in the pursuit of developing a positive safety culture

  • Participation


    Everyone has a part to play in promoting safety and is encouraged to make a positive contribution

  • Challenge


    Everyone can be confident that their views on safety will be heard and constructive interventions welcomed

The Dunlin facilities operate according to a documented Safety Case that is subject to acceptance and ongoing inspection by The Health & Safety Executive. As oil production has now ceased, we are progressing the preparation of Decommissioning Programmes to be agreed with stakeholders.

As Dunlin nears the final stages of decommissioning, a Dismantling Safety Case governs the appropriate activities.