Decommissioning the Greater Dunlin Area

The decommissioning of the Greater Dunlin Area represents an opportunity for our teams of onshore professionals and the offshore workforce to tackle new and fresh challenges as the industry moves into a new era.

The overall project from cessation of production to final site remediation is a multi-year undertaking.  Throughout each of the main project stages, the associated activities will be planned in consultation with a range of recognised stakeholders.  These stakeholders include industry regulators, other users of the marine environment and the communities in which we operate. The consultations that were initiated in 2010 for specific aspects of the proposed decommissioning programme will be the backdrop for a collaborative process to determine the most appropriate solutions for the decommissioning challenges that balance considerations for the environment, personal safety, technical feasibility, and socio-economic benefit. 

We will outline the main factors that will influence the decisions that are made over the coming months and years, explain how the views of stakeholders will be considered, and invite contributions from interested parties.  The aim is to ensure that the decommissioning of the Greater Dunlin Area is concluded with a responsible legacy to both the environment and society as the reliance on alternative energy resources becomes more prominent.

The project objective in terms of scope is the safe and cost-effective execution of the following activities in full compliance with the approved Decommissioning Programme(s):

  • 45 Wells P&A

    45 Wells P&A

    Plug and abandonment of the 45 Dunlin Alpha platform wells.

  • 16 Subsea P&A

    16 Subsea P&A

    Plug and abandonment of the 16 Osprey and Merlin subsea wells.

  • Subsea Infrastructure Removal

    Subsea Infrastructure Removal

    Removal and/or decommissioning in-situ of the Dunlin, Osprey and Merlin subsea infrastructure.

  • Topsides Removal

    Topsides Removal

    Following Make Safe activity, Dunlin Alpha topsides removal and derogation of the concrete gravity base and legs to approved state

  • Onshore Recycling

    Onshore Recycling

    Onshore recycling / disposal of topsides.

  • Post-Removal Obligations

    Post-Removal Obligations

    Initiated plan for the management of post-removal ongoing obligations.